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Timber Veneer - Reconstituted

Timber Veneer – Reconstituted

Reconstituted veneer is  reconstructed real wood veneer made from fast growing renewable materials that is colour enhanced, reformed and then re-sliced into veneer sheets, this is then applied to moisture resistant substrate. Reconstituted veneer has a consistent colour and grain throughout  and is free from the splits, knots , holes and discolouration found in conventional timber veneers.  Satin, semi gloss and full gloss finishes are available.

Reconstituted veneer is also available as pre finished laminate veneer, rather than just a veneer applied to the substrate, the veneer is first pressed onto a laminate backing and pre finished with a matt clear polyurethane. Examples of this are NAVLAM from New Age Veneers.


Made from eco friendly renewable materials, consistent colour and grain. Can be repaired.


Flat door profile available only.


Mid – High budget range, generally more than natural veneer.

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